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The Hamingja podcast will soon be up. This is a short introduction to what it’s all about, what purpose it has, what it will cover and why you should listen to it. 

The Hamingja podcast is the place to be for those who want to explore paganism and animism in depth, for those who want to rediscover and understand their own natural spirituality and integrate it into their everyday life. Here we will show the common origin of Norse, Germanic, Celtic, Graeco-Roman, Balto-Slavic, Vedic and Persian beliefs and we’ll draw parallells to the proto indo European worldview and the ancient beliefs we call the religion with no name.

The interest for western spirituality is on the rise. In our society with its lack of purpose, spiritual scarcity and disconnection from nature, people are looking for meaning that’s applicable to modern life. And we do see that the number of for example YouTube channels covering these matters is growing. And that’s positive. 

However, we often find that content a bit random and shallow, that they don’t really create a context or make the penny drop so the viewer grows and comprehends the bigger picture and can genuinely make use of the newfound insight. So this will be a channel where we really dig deep in these topics, we’ll let things take its time and elaborate on these matters. It’s quite astonishing when the puzzle pieces start falling into place.

The Proto Indo-European worldview and spirituality that became polytheism and paganism seems to circle around 5-6 main foundations that spread with the peoples moving around and came to permeate the various societies and branches of religion. And animism is most likely the very original spirituality of mankind, represented all over the world. The Hamingja Podcast weaves those threads together and shows where these phenomena came from and how everything fits together.

To understand where we come from and let our true nature empower us in everyday life. We don’t have to turn to the east – the answers were always right here.

What we’ll cover 

So what will this podcast be all about? What topics can you expect the episodes to cover?It’s about thing we need to learn and unlearn. It’s about that we’re all pagan by instinct. It is our firm conviction that to understand ourselves, where we stand today and to wisely choose our path tomorrow we need to realize the very foundation on which we stand, where we come from, where we once were. That, if we are to see further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.  

We need to go back to the roots, and as mentioned before all the Indo European branches of paganism are de facto based on animism and maybe 5-6 other main cornerstones for the worldview that we see represented throughout human history.  

These are for example animism, the principle of Xartus & Swartus, the Ghosti principle & the gifting cycle, Hieros gamos & the marriage between heaven and earth, the ego death, Ghordos & the inner temple.

The practices and … we see today are only thin twigs at the very end of the treetop of the enormous tree of insight we call Indo European spirituality and philosophy. Mythology recorded in the 13th century (by Christians) isn’t THE religion, in fact it’s the other way around – the thought system was practiced and recalled through ritual – ritual that was later written down and falsely perceived as orthodoxy and dogms.

It’s hard to understand and make use of individual expressions like those in YouTube videos when we don’t see the bigger picture. 

What does it really mean that Odin quote sacrificed himself to himself, and what kind of knowledge was it that he was after by doing that? What did he want to achieve?

How can we understand the Delphic maxim ’Know thyself’ – is there more to it than that it’s just quite convenient to know who you are and what you like to do?

Is it pure coincidence that Thor, Indra, Perun and druids all are associated with the oak tree (druids even meaning he who knows the oak) or is it possibly so that this too has a Proto Indo European origin? 

Are the gods really the bearded men and fair ladies in Snorre’s Edda, or are they in fact metaphors for something much more advanced in life, death and nature?

Do I really have to go to India to practice meditation and yoga? 

What does it mean that I work in real estate or retail but feel drawn to being an artist and wish my life was different than what it is? Am 

What is that gut feeling that made me wish I had the other outcome when I flipped a coin to make a decision?

Rhetorical questions perhaps, but to really take in and practice paganism and animism we need to go to the very roots and show how advanced and refined this really is, and how much it can make us grow and understand ourselves and the world we live in. 

Did you for example know that the tradition of meditation is as old here in Europe as it is in India? Or that yoga was in and cool in Greece already 3000 years ago (and probably long before that)?

The Hamingja podcast will take well-known themes and subjects and make comparisons to other branches of the tree and use that for a deeper understanding. Or we’ll do it the other way around and take key elements that might be unknown or new to many and follow them and show how they manifest later in history. 

By filling in the blanks we’ll hopefully create many aha moments and show that right here in front of us was always a complete worldview and spirituality. 

This podcast will also talk a lot about our archaic proto indo European roots, the mystery cults, mind-altering drugs, magic, chaos and order and how to establish a daily spiritual practice.

On top of that we’ll of course also cover topics based on our listeners’ questions and requests.

The main purpose of creating this content is for all of us to grow. Because that’s what life and paganism is all about. Growth. And we all know that a tree can only grow if it has strong roots. We need to once again connect with our roots. Our tradition is not about the worship of ashes – it is about the preservation of fire. 

Hamingja is about doing the things that are aligned with your own nature, your own natural order. It’s about growing and strengthening yourself by the knowledge you acquire and the deeds you do. 

This podcast will hopefully provide you with some of that nutrition and knowledge.

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