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Take part of our in-depth and hands-on pagan courses and content. A structured and cohesive way to learn about Indo-European paganism. Cultivate your human potential through the application of ancient knowledge on modern life.

The courses are divided into three stages: Hingnis Téndasiós (Fire Tender), Ghéuter (the Pourer) & Xádbhertor (the Forthbringer). Enroll now to deepen your understanding of pagan spirituality!

Of all the human pursuits, striving to transform oneself into a higher possibility is the most sacred. Our courses and content contribute to that process. Driven by a sense of oneness, selfless service and a wish to reach out and share, the Hamingja Foundation implements large-scale projects for people to find the Dharmic path and their true nature and grow to their best self.

Deepen your Indo-European paganism

More info on the Hingnis Téndasiós, Ghéuter & Xádbhertor courses will show up here soon!

Guided meditation

1 hour guided meditation once a week. 
Meditating for only 15 minutes gives the same health benefits as a full day of vacation, according to a new American-Dutch study, published in the Journal of Positive Psychology. So you do the math.
Find yourself & find your health! With our all-access membership you’ll get a full hour’s guided meditation every week.

Skald / Bard course – Wékwóm Tekson

It is our imperishable glory and honorable deeds that carry our souls through the afterlife. As long as someone sings our names we cannot die. The Indo-European love for beauty manifests itself in poetry and songs – words for ritual, stories of the works of the ancestors. There’s for example a reason why Tolkien’s trilogy The Lord of the Rings contains more than sixty poems & songs.  The poet is the weaver – wékwóm tekson in Proto-Indo-European – the storytellers, the keepers of the Mysteries, creating patterns in time and space. Words and actions weave people together in Xartus.

Learn Swedish with us!

Hej! Want to learn Swedish? A lot of pagans looking for their roots and true nature wish to discover both their native spirituality and culture. Some even want to move back to their ancestral home. In that quest learning the language is crucial. The good thing with learning Swedish is that you’ll automatically understand the other Scandinavian languages, and come closer to your Norse/Germanic origin.

The Hamingja Foundation gives you the opportunity to take Swedish online classes in our community. Group courses with native speakers with the overall aim to introduce students to the Swedish language. You gain a basic knowledge of Swedish so that you can be understood and understand others in simple everyday situations. The content is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you learn how to use the language in your day-to-day and professional life. The teacher will also give you a personalized program to follow and weekly assignments. In our community you can always ask questions and get quick in-person help!

The courses are mainly for beginner level or for those who know a little Swedish. Examples of course content:

  • Greetings and small talk
  • Words and sentences so that you can describe yourself, your family and your work
  • Everyday situations: in store or in a restaurant and café
  • Alphabet and numbers
  • Weekdays and months
  • Directions
  • Introduction to Swedish grammar

Number of occasions: 12 (à 1 hour)
Classes take place once a week in a voice channel in our Discord server.
Course start twice a year.
Tuition fee: $300

What our members say

Knowledge is a light burden. Ignorance a heavy bliss.