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About Hamingja

Membership launching this summer! Get unlimited access to pagan courses, programs, masterclasses, podcasts, educational videos, articles & live events.  Hamingja is the leading content platform for native Indo-European spirituality. The most in-depth and hands-on pagan courses & content – in a present and warm community.

What our members say

A few years ago I found the Hamingja platform. I felt incredibly grateful to be accepted and become a part of it. There is always someone willing to help when needed, and the foundation stays on track with our learnings, knowledge, and wisdom. I am proud to be a member of the Hamingja Foundation.
Brett Adlard, Australia
Hamingja has become my home for spiritual growth and community. It has provided me with a place to genuinely connect with people on a parallel path and has helped me find my own spiritual footing. From this position of surety, my life has become more manageable and I have a much greater perspective, and therefore control, of my place in the Great Chain of Being.
Tim Fenton, Canada
The Hamingja Foundation has taught me the oneness of the Indo-European truth. They’ve helped me come to practice my spirituality the way I do, and love life even more than I already did, and is ever kind and supportive of my creative doings, which I wield to better link to the celebration of life.
Elliot Broomfield, UK

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