The Weaver Award 2024

Participate in the Weaver Award competition & win 3 months free Hamingja Platform membership!

Are you the Word Weaver of the year?

Share your poem, prayer, hymn, ancestor/hero praise, story, mantra, chant etc below & you’re in the running to win a free 3 months Hamingja Platform membership!

The importance of poetry, hymns, prayers & storytelling within Indo-European spirituality can’t be overestimated. It’s part of every ritual and ceremony. With our words we contribute to the expansion & adornment of the cosmic Weave, help the gods maintain order and build imperishable glory & immortality. Between April 30 & June 1st 2024 you have the chance to win the Hamingja Foundation’s Weaver Award & become the Word Weaver of the year!

: Submit your contribution – a prayer, poem, epic story, mantra, ancestor praise, beautiful oath or the likes – before June 1st 2024. It has to be your own creation, related to I-E paganism and it has to be in English.