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Find your true nature

Hamingja Foundation is the renaissance of  Indo-European spirituality & animism, making people rediscover their true nature and grow to the best version of themselves.

In western society with its lack of purpose and direction, spiritual scarcity and disconnection from nature and ourselves, the foundation is a unifying force for the cultivation of human potential, identity and belonging.

Our projects and programmes contribute to the application of old knowledge on modern life. To facilitate the reunion of true Self, Nature and Divine. We focus and highlight the common origin of (Proto) Indo-European, Vedic, Persian, Greek, Roman, Celtic, Germanic, Norse, Hittite, Anatolian and Balto-Slavic paganism and animism.  

Of all the human pursuits, striving to transform oneself into a higher possibility is the most sacred. An inner transformation to self-realization. The union between the immortal soul and the divine order. This growth brings meaning and well-being to all life.

Spirituality is an individual and personal path. But life as a spiritual person should be lead in community and connection with others. Through practical, educational, cultural and social initiatives, Hamingja Foundation meets the great demand and need for finding true nature and a community platform. Together we walk the dharmic pagan and animistic path.

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Our tradition is not about the worship of ashes – it's about the preservation of fire.
Björn Ekdahl
Founder, Hamingja Foundation