How to Build a pagan shrine and Altar to Thor

An update on the progress of the sacred space and shrine to Thor (or Fjörgynn, Perun, Perkwunos, Máworts, Mars or whatever you prefer). We’ve previously mentioned that we’ll be setting up a sacred space and shrine to the Striker. See the spot below. That is now ongoing and we’ve contacted the city/municipality.

The answer from the municipality was almost too positive. We had only described our inquiry and case, and the counselor answered that ‘if you’ll need a land grant/permission to set up sacred space you first seek permission at the police and they’ll process the case and then it’ll be sent to us (the municipality/city). We were expecting more of a fight straight away. Or even laughter. But maybe that’ll come when we contact the police. But for now, let’s quote Mahatma Gandhi (although he was wrong in so many other things) – First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win.

Always remember that
The 1st sacred space is in your own heart
– The 2nd is at the hearth of your home
– The 3rd is in the circle of family and friends
– The 4th is wherever you set up sacred space, e.g. by the sea, a holy tree, in a grove, by a river etc
– The 5th is in the temple

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