How to celebrate the pagan winter solstice

Us in the northern hemisphere have the winter solstice coming up. What the Proto-Indo-Europeans called Medhyógheyōm – winter solstice or midwinter – was originally a celebration of the rebirth of the sun, and the birth of the Divine Twins (PIE: Diwós Súnū). For new pagans or those seeking inspiration, here are some well-attested ways of celebrating this time of the year:

🌱 Bring sprigs & wreaths of evergreenery into the home (holly, ivy, mistletoe, yew & pine)
🕯️ Decorate the home with red candles (symbolizes fertility and the blood at birth)
🎄 Decorate the tree (The tree is of course a symbol of the World tree. Paterfamilias places the star at the top of the tree.)
☕️ Drink glögg (Mulled wine, Glühwein etc. It symbolizes new blood)
🔥 Burn a Yule log (It corresponds to, and is the direct opposite of, the fire on Midsummer. But this one should preferably be indoors, if possible. The laying of the new log represents the pivotal foundation of the hearth and health. In this fire you can also burn negative aspects from the past year.)
☀️ Invoke and pray to the Sun and Diwós Súnū (Divine Twins) and ask for the strength to overcome darkness.
📖 Storytelling (& talking about memories)
🎁 Gift giving (VERY Indo-European!)
💪🏻 Oaths
🪄 Divination

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