How to perform a pagan evening ritual

We often get the question by people new to the pagan path how they are to worship the divine kindreds. There’s obviously no orthodox liturgy, but there are the yéwesa – tried, tested and proven ‘techniques’ to better reach the gods and spirits. We’ve therefore put together a guide for an evening worship ritual for those who want to deepen their personal worship. Of course in accordance with well-attested Indo-European pagan modus operandi. This ritual might seem quite advanced, so it’s mainly thought to function as inspiration.

1. Purification (wash hands for your actions, forehead for your thoughts & mouth for your words)
2. Procession. Approach the altar/shrine in a happy & peaceful state of mind.
3. Adoratio. Do the ‘kiss your fingers and blow a kiss’ gesture
4. Light the eternal flame & honor the hearth goddess Westya/Hestia. Tell her she’s always first & last. Offer incense to the fire (if desired)
5. Short meditation
6. Do the Ego Xartus (meditation where you see yourself as a part of the cosmic order)
7. Opening the gates (call upon appropriate gatekeeper god)
8. Ring a little bell or other instrument & invoke the spirits of the place, ancestors & gods (in that order!)
9. Show that all the 5 elements are present on the altar
10. Present your gifts, libations, offerings or whatever you’re giving. Always circumambulate them above the fire, so they go with the fire to the divine. Water and/or ‘sacred drink’ is always offered.
11. Contemplate on the divine
(12. Divination: Use the divination tool you prefer, to get an advice/lesson from the divine. We do this step only once a week.)
13. Pray & talk to the three mentioned kindreds. In this step you can basically do & say whatever you feel like, not the least your prayers and praise.
14. Drink 3 sips of the sacred drink (first let the fire shine through it). When you’ve drunk, say ‘May I receive divine inspiration, may I receive power to act & may I receive an unending life’ – one gift from the divine for each sip, based on the 3 Indo-European cosmic/societal functions.
15. Thank gods, ancestors & spirits of the place (in that order!)
16. Hold your hands above the fire & feel the divine warmth. Get its blessing.
17. Call upon the gatekeeper to close the gates
18. Adoratio gesture again
19. Thank Westya, hearth goddess, first & last. When you extinguish the fire say although the flame goes out on the hearth, it’s eternally burning in your heart.
(20. Ring the bell/instrument again if you want)

And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us! We’d gladly help!

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