There’s an ongoing renaissance for Indo-European spirituality. More and more people have started looking for their pagan and animist roots – their natural worldview. They have started searching for themselves.

Every day the Hamingja foundation gets contacted by people who want to know more about the pagan branches and their origin, and by people who want to know where to start their spiritual journey. We also get contacted by people who have undergone religious trauma because of their upbringing and/or the prevailing context where they live.

In the western society with its lack of purpose, spiritual scarcity and disconnection from nature, traditions and ourselves there is an immense need for guidance, healing and support. That is what this service is about.

Although Indo-European spirituality is an individual and personal path – neither orthodox nor confessional and to the lion’s share seldom collectively practiced – there are ancient traditions of offering spiritual guidance and counseling in all the pagan branches. The journey can be blissful and awakening, but also arduous, frightening and lonely. Anyone can have a spiritual experience or peak experience, but holistic self-realization is a different matter. Those who seek, and those who wish to deepen their Indo-European spirituality have come to the right place.

Here you can

  • Start your Indo-European pagan journey
  • Deepen your spirituality 
  • Find your dhermn/dharma – your true calling in life 
  • Achieve balance between the true parts of the Self
  • Heal your Self, mind, body and spirit
  • Achieve self-realization
  • Reunite true Self, divine and nature 
  • Get practical advice on traditions, worldview, worship, ritual, offerings, pagan lifestyle, divination, Indo-European prayer, mindfulness and much more
  • Compose your own pagan spiritual practice
  • Grow to the best version of yourself

It is time to find your way back to your true nature. Spiritual counseling sees that life is innately personal and individuals want to build their own unique, flowing relationship with it, organically and without force. It meets the metaphysical and emotional needs of the querent.

The assumption is that human beings are innately motivated towards achieving their highest potential of awareness and fulfillment; the counsellor’s role is to support this and trust the querent’s process.

Each individual and journey is unique, so the sessions are non-prescriptive and individually tailored. They take place as private video meetings or messages on the Hamingja Foundation’s Discord server.

Be the host, and you will become the guest.
Björn Ekdahl
Founder Hamingja Foundation